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Once when i was walking..

once when i was walking...

by Tess Williams on Monday, 22 March 2010 at 21:42

A story i wrote for my niece Zavian.  this is one of the first drafts so needs some tweaking and working but is still quite entertaining. awaiting pictures.

Once upon a time, not to long ago, about this time last year, a few years ago, I heard a man talking of fantastic great great’s, great great’s about stories and legends’ and lakes, stories from long, long, long ago, so long ago you could never never know.

He talked whilst whistling a sweet sweet tune, of love and adventure and a funny baboon. He whistled whilst singing of love lost and love found about princes and kings with dazzling crowns, of dragons like lizards and wizards with wands, of magical kingdoms with magical songs.

As he sang he hummed hums, of bears with big bums and dogs with low tums, He hummed as he strummed and strummed as he hummed and the bears with big bums chased the dogs with low tums.

As he strummed out the story and legends of late, the king and the princes kingdom did shake and quake, the magical wizards and dragons like lizards surrounded the kingdom with a big deep lake. No one could escape.

So the Prince one night, when it was very very late, no one could see, and no one would wake, snuck from his bed and down to the yard, and he walked to the water and kneeled right down, his lips tightly pursed and with a mighty sigh he bent down to the water and started take, big big gulps of water and hake?

He sucked and he swallowed and guzzled and groaned, he wondered if he would ever fit in the throne, he drank until there was nothing left, only the fishes flapping out of breath.

The prince was  like a  giant water balloon, he could  not walk and he couldnt move, try as he might there just wasnt a chance...


Up in the tree tops surrounding the lake, where two beady eyes watching in suprise
"What is he doing this strange strange prince? Why is he behaving like this? If i didnt know any better i would say hes gone quite mad. they say  that im bonkers but im not really its true, im just like everyone else, like you and you and you!"

and with that the two beady eyes sprung from the tree and the funny baboon with a bright botttom hop skiped and jumped through the muddy banks of the lake past all the fishes and past all the hake,he reached the prince and pounced on his belly........


out came the water, out came the hake, once again there was the great lake.


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