Monday, January 21, 2013

Home made deodrant

I stopped wearing store brought deodorant's around 3 years ago. A trip to my local naturopath t old me that the left side of my lymphatic system was not functioning well and  was blocked.

My Beautiful and amazing mother had been warning me about the Aluminium used as the active ingredient in traditional deodorants for years and I didn't heed her word. the tip to the quack changed that!

I have been struggling to find a natural form of deodorant that works, I have tried the crystal,crystal spray forms, alcohol rub( that worked but I didn't like the idea of rubbing 80% booze under my arms) and tea tree oil because of its antibacterial properties( that also worked but my sister always said that it just made me smell like tea tree oil and BO).

SO Whilst reading about all the wonders of home made toiletries, I discovered a recipe for home made deodorant, using nothing but simple ingredients.

This recipe will make quite a bit, I this around a two month supply at least, I advent even made a dent in mine and its 2 weeks in. I would recommend separating it into two pots and freezing one to keep it fresher for longer.

Tea Tree deodorant

3Tbls Shea Butter in small blocks
3Tlbs baking soda (bicarbonate of soda)
2Tbls corn starch
2Tbls cocoa butter in small blocks
4 drops of vitamin E oil
20 drops of tea tree oil.

Melt everything but the oils in a glass bowl over boiling water until smooth, take of heat and stir in the oils. pour into a glass pot  or little glass jar and let set.

to use just scoop a little out and rub under your arms, it goes on clear and I haven't had any problems with white marks or odour.

If you don't what to smell like tea tree oil, you can replace  it with any kind of essential oil you choose. please do a spot test to make sure your not allergic  or sensitive and if it irritates, don't use it.
I haven't had any problems and I have sensitive skin so hopefully you like it too.

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