Monday, December 13, 2010

add this to your book list.

Reading a new, book, by Italo Calvino, Published Origianlly in Italy in 1980 under the name "Se una notte d'inverno un viaggiatore", then Trasnlated and published in english in 1983 under the name, " If on a Winters Night A Traveler"

So far im only a 1/4 way into it but so far so good, the author takes each chapter as a oppertunity to start a new story so you find your self reading one chapter, thinking, "oH no i was just getting into that", then,
stating the new chapter and it happening all over again, its a book that is perfect for reading on the tube/bus/ work break/when ever you have a free moment, But its alson a book that demands your attention, even the start of the first chapter pulls you personly into the book, and you find your self wondering if this book is about you? are they watching me?

Calvino is a fantastic and clever witty writer and i plan on enjoying many more of his works, and the best thing is, the book hasnt lost and integrty through traslation, there are a few refrences to the italian language its self in the way each charecter adress each other in the informal manner.
I highly recomend this book, baced on the first 5 chapters. will let you know how it finishes.

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