Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tess is Excited about Energy!! learning that we are all Interdependent.

Mutual dependance between things.... this wont work without that.That wont work without this.

On the journey to health, , we sometimes forget to keep the balance between our different states of being.

The goal? health of course!  that glorious state of optimal being, in all its beauty, boundless energy, clarity, joyfulness and awareness. Its all about balance between our mind our body and our spirit.
Its all connected, and it all starts at the beginning. With what you eat.


You Are what you eat. Literally. or in other words You are like, literally what you eat (for those of you that are under the age of 21). Our bodies are  amazing places to live. So busy and exciting and a little dangerous! If i were a molecule, i would be shitting my self, because any second now i will undoubtedly be involved in some sort of violent chemical reaction,broken down, destroyed.

But that's cool... ill pick up the broken pieces of my former self, maybe grab little bit extra and I'll build my self up, and i will have a new purpose  and go on my way to help form and fuel all the complex structures that make up the body I'm in.

SO where is all this reactive material coming from? Our food!, and if we don't have the right stuff going  in, the right reactions wont happen and we will malfunction... and not just physically, our hormone production will get all muddled up, effecting our mental health and our emotions. If your an emotional eater, you will most likely reach for something that isnt going to really help, but will give the body what it thinks it needs.  Think chocolate, caffeine and sugar, making you feel good with a temporary burst of energy or feel good stimulant. Ill learn more and share what i learn on this subject later and if any one knows  more about this, please  comment below and share I want to know too. All this = Big Nasty Cycle.

 How else can our food effect us? that explains the negative effect on the physical and emotional state of health, but what about our spirit? our soul? our energy? what ever you like to call it. our connectedness to the universe, or our divine entity no mater what name we give them,each and all have a presence within us and weather we name them and connect with them or we choose to believe that everything is  just a mass of atoms, I like the term energy.  Because it is a physical and spiritual term and i like the how it explains things for me.

ENERGY! that awesome word!! its what food gives us, its what is used up and created when we metabolize our food. It is never destroyed it is only transfers,from one state to another, and when we die, our energy is released back into the earth and is used to produce the plants that we and the animals we eat, eat ( or just plants.sorry if your vegetarian). Its one big interdependent ecosystem baby and energy is at the very core of it all.

The Equilateral Triangle of  Energy Balance.  
Mind Body Spirit
Mind- learning, metal stimulation,basic human needs of social interaction,acceptance and acknowledgment. 
Body- Physical contact,Physical activity, Nutrition, Metabolism, Responsiveness.
Spirit- Soul, Energy, The Combined mind body Awareness, our awareness of the world and our place in it, what ever it needs to be for you and any one point in your life. Connection.

Yeah okay.... you get the 'Tess is excited about energy" bit.. how is this effecting me and my Spirit/soul when i eat?. Well its all about connecting to your environment, and taking up your place in the ecosystem of the world. JUST LIKE AVATAR! just we are not blue and don't ride dinosaurs. When we eat food,i believe, we don't just eat its potential energy we connect with the environment in wich its grown, and that satisfies our deep longing to connect, we want to be part of the eco system. Why do you think its so nice eating a carrot that you grew straight from the ground? connection, how much effort did you put into growing the carrot? how long did you take preparing the soil, building up its nutrients and investing your energy into growing this carrot? connection!

This post has been inspired by a section of an assignment i had to do last year.. where i had to explain what my definition of health was.
The World Health Organisation defines the word health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, not merely the absence of infirmity”.

The Definition of health according to Lindlarhs “the Nature Cure” is “normal and harmonious vibration of the elements and forces composing the human entity on the physical, mental, moral and spiritual planes of being, in conformity with the constructive principle of Nature applied to individual life”

Sounds good to me.  here is how i  feel the food we eat effects our different states of heath.. in a nut shell, obviously influenced by the many influences in my life.

Nutrition is the path to optimal health. Optimal nutrition has a chain reaction within the body that then permeates through to the rest of life. With the right nutrients our bodies work effectively, our mind is positive and we can think clearly. Hormones are in balance and our moods are stable, we have energy and engage in physical activities that promotes deep breathing, which gives us more oxygen, to metabolize our food into fuel, to give us more energy to achieve daily tasks and life goals.  Food is social, preparing a meal for someone shows effort and love, sharing a meal shows companionship and trust, as we are animals, we let our guard down when we eat we relax and digest. The mental associations of eating with memories can create happiness. Nutrition is much more than a physical science, it is mental, social and can be spiritual. Food is holistic. Food is life. Balance and harmony are the keywords used in describing health, when all aspects of our personal, physical, mental, social and spiritual lives work in unison in balance and harmony, with no conflict or priority over one or another.
Disease is then the complete opposite, and can again be linked to food. Beginning with physical disease, we eat low nutrient, processed foods, our bodies slow down, start malfunctioning, we lack energy. The body cannot function efficiently and we get sick. So we are tired and sick and our mental outlook becomes depressed and slow. This too becomes a cycle, with the lack of energy driving us back to the easy option of convenience processed foods. This then becomes a social disease, with the connection between people and community lost.
This picture of health and disease flows through our whole food chain, from the mass agricultural industry polluting our food supply and  throwing our environment into unbalanced chaos, to the small family gardens growing the food needed to sustain the community trying to reconnect and regain control. Food is life and effects all aspects of health and disease.

 Good night everyone. enjoy the carrots. :)